Their Double Baby Gift

19875262_10155602892880962_5482011721242827989_nHi, guys! My most recent book is out, Their Double Baby Gift, a Mills and Boon Medical Romance and their JULY BOOK OF THE MONTH!. I’m very proud of this book. It’s one from the heart and was one of those books that just poured out of me. It doesn’t happen very often, as a writer, that that happens, so when it does, those books tend to be my favourites. The other time that happened it was for One Life-Changing Night.

Some heroes just stay with you!

I’ve just had my tenth book accepted with Mills and Boon and that one, to be released in March 2018, is called A Child To Heal Them, but before that one, I’ve got another release in December of this year, called Pregnant With His Royal TwinsSo, look out for those!

I’ve also been working on some secret projects, trying to write for another Harlequin line, but I’m keeping which one under my hat, but I will post news the second I hear any decision. These things take time, even if you’re an established author with ten books to your name.

I also had this certificate sent home from my youngest son’s school. He’s thirteen, going on seventy, a very old soul, but he also has autism, which c


reates a child with a wonderful mix of mischief, sentiment and naivety. This certificate made me laugh, because it describes Jack perfectly.

Hope you like it, too!



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